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General Questions

Microsoft Windows 7®, Windows Vista®, Windows 8® or Windows 8.1®, Windows 10® Intel Pentium® IV or AMD equivalent. Anyway more powerful processors are strongly recommended.

2 GB RAM (minimum recommended)
4 GB of hard disk space

Important note:
progeCAD 2017 professional edition upwards does not support Microsoft Windows® XP. 

Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows 8®, Windows 8.1® o Windows 10®.
Windows Server 2008/2008R2®, Windows Server 2012/2012R2®

If you are using progeCAD 2008 or a later version follow the instruction of the registration wizard (automatically shown when you start the registration procedure). If you are using an older product, please get in touch with our customer care.

If you received an Upgrade Code, visit the Upgrade Activation page.

The best way to verify what are the actual characteristics of progeCAD, is to test the product. This will make it very simple to understand if indeed the declared characteristics are true.

IntelliCAD is a product which was developed by a consortium of several companies from around the world. This guarantees the support needed in case of any problems arising from such a vast software project.
Every company participating as trading member to the ITC consortium can distribute products based on IntelliCAD technology.

This kind of co-operation guarantees the basic functionality and compatibility. To the basic characteristics of IntelliCAD, progeCAD has added a great many "improvements and additional functions" which make progeCAD the best version distributed of IntelliCAD currently available on the market.

Thanks to powerful API programming (support language for writing programs) at its disposal progeCAD®, the construction of simple routine or complete and complex applications is very easy. There are many applications on the market, produced by independent companies and working with progeCAD ®.

Thanks to the high degree of compatibility between the programming interfaces of progeCAD ® and AutoCAD ®, it is very easy to adapt existing applications to run on this platform. Thanks to the increasing spread of progeCAD ®, we expect that many of the applications on the market for the platform AutoCAD ® will be carried on progeCAD ®.

One (1) year subscription-based maintenance and support program. The iCare subscription offers a variety of benefits to help customers get the most out of their progeCAD software. Cut down upgrades costs and receive more value!

For an annual fee, iCare customers get convenient access to the following benefits:

  1. Software: you receive all progeCAD updates and new versions (e.g. iCare subscribers will receive next progeCAD edition at no charge).
  2. Support: technical assistance via the web with the new help desk service through ticket, email, live chat and remote support.

If you received an iCARE Activation Code, visit the iCare activation page.

Corporate licensing is the optimum solution for companies with numerous CAD seats which offers good value for money. Corporate One Site, Corporate Country and Corporate Global licenses allow to activate an unlimited number of progeCAD Professional copies on all computers under the company license proprietor name. The territorial limit is the sole restriction of usage and is based on the Corporate license type (One Site, Country, Global). Still, the company, proprietor of the license, may hold progeCAD software copies installed on laptops belonging to the company to enable its employees to use progeCAD remotely, out of the corporate office.

Corporate One Site license allows the unlimited installation of software copies in the premises of a business (a building or a group of buildings situated in the same location) with the exception of laptops belonging to the organization on which the software can be installed and used by employees even out of the corporate office.Corporate Country license allows the unlimited installation of software copies in an organization with multiple premises situated within the same country.

Corporate Global license allows the unlimited installation of software copies in an organization which has multiple premises situated worldwide.

The progeCAD Professional software is installed and activated on every single PC, so a Server is not required for licensing management. The activation of progeCAD can be carried out either on each single PC after the software installation, as in the case of Single Licenses, or by using a specific tool for the network automated installation which allows to activate and install the license during the installation process. Once all progeCAD Professional software copies are activated making use of the tool, the computers with progeCAD will be operable even not connected to the network. The tool for automated activation with the instructions is provided on the corporate license purchase.

Technical Questions

Contact our progeCAD email (sales@progecad.com.my) to communicate the reason of the software re-installation to be in compliance with the licensing agreement.

It is a matter of font type. The opened drawing makes use of AutoCAD fonts. Anyone in possession of a regular AutoCAD licence can also use the fonts supplied with AutoCAD in the progeCAD program along with the numerous fonts already available in progeCAD.

Just open the Tools > Options menu and access the Path/File tab > Support paths sub-menu.
Double click Fonts and add the fonts installation path. For ex.: C:\Program Files\AutoCAD R14\Fonts.

For the 2000 version of AutoCAD the simplex font can be found in Support directory.
You can add this path too (For ex.: C:\AutoCAD LT 2000\Fonts;C:\AutoCAD LT 2000\Support) or copy this font to the folder Fonts of AutoCAD 2000.

This guarantees a perfect display of any project using the simplex.shx font.

To fix the problem, it is necessary to disable the Hardware Acceleration. To do this, access the Display section of the progeCAD Options dialog ( in the Tools menu > Option) and uncheck Hardware Acceleration.

This is a problem that generally depends on the settings of the FlyOver snap (advanced snaps). Fly over snaps are a special mode of object Snaps which allow a user of progeCAD to display immediately the relevant points of objects (endpoint, centre, midpoint, intersection, etc.). For complex drawings (several drawn entities) or if a PC is not very fast, the use of this mode can overload the computer.

Should any problem arise, only one value at the time should be set (for ex. only End, Centre, Intersection, etc.); alternatively this function should be disabled and object Snaps should be used only when necessary by means of the relative toolbar. To set the Object Snaps, position the cursor over the Esnap writing situated on the right at the bottom of the progeCAD screen and press the mouse's right button. From the menu, select 'Settings'

The required snaps should then be selected from the control window. The FlyOver button can be used for activating the settings of FlyOver Snaps.

01. An error message is displayed and the drawing is not opened. 
02. An error message is not displayed but the drawing won't open. 
03. It began the loading of the drawing but after the operation is completed or before it progeCAD ® goes wrong. 

In all these cases, the file may be corrupted, so recovery is needed: 

-- Start progeCAD ® 
-- From the File > Utility menu choose "Recover" 
-- Select the damaged files and confirm 
-- After the procedure so that the operations take effect on the drawing it is necessary to save it. 

It is recommended that you use the "Save as" command assigning another name to the recovered file to avoid losing in this way any definitive information that was not recovered.

Use e-Transmit to send drawings to printers for printing.  It Collects related files and packages them together for transfer to another computer. Packages can include one or more drawings and their related external references and fonts. Each package can be either a self-extracting .exe file, a
.zip file, or a new folder that contains all of the files.

If the font used in the drawing is not present on your PC, install it to see your drawing properly. If you cannot do that, opening the drawing with progeCAD a dialog box for fonts substitution shows up. Choose the font compatible with the one to replace.

To ensure the correct management of installed Bigfonts you must change the file Bigfont.ini
Start -> All Programs -> progeCAD 2XXX pro ENG -> Utility ->User Support Folder this file specifies the language to which the installed font belongs.

"Name of the font with"; " language reference number"

for a font that is called chinas_fzhjt.shx in simplified Chinese, you will add a row chinas_fzhjt.shx; 5

The drawing is open, but some of its details are not present In this case, the file may be corrupted, so it requires recovery:
-- Start progeCAD®
-- From the File > Utility menu choose "Recover"
-- Select the damaged file and confirm
-- After the procedure it is necessary to save the drawing for the operation to take effect on it.

It is recommended that you use the "Save as" command assigning another name to the recovered file to avoid losing any crucial information that was not recovered.

-- Click on the button "LWT" in the status bar of progeCAD®  to enable or disable the display of line weight.
-- From the Tools menu, choose " Drawing Settings" .
-- Under the "Display", under the label "Change settings:" choose from: "lineweight."
-- Select  "display lineweights".
-- Exit the form confirming with the button "Ok"

The reason could be that the drawing from which you are copying your entities has been closed.
-- Make sure the file from which you are copying your entities is still open.
-- If it is closed: open the source file, select the entities to be copied using the "Copy" or "Copy with base point" commands from the Edit menu
-- Open or switch to the destination drawing keeping the source drawing open, go to the Edit menu and choose the "Paste" or "Paste to original coordinate" commands.

The right way to copy is always by using the "Copy" command from the Edit menu.

The "LTSCALE" variable must have been set to a different value. Check the value of the "LTSCALE" variable in the drawing of origin by typing on the command bar "LTSCALE" and pressing "ENTER" Move to the destination drawing and repeat the operation described above. If the value of the variable in the destination drawing is different, change it by typing on the command bar the correct value.

Licensing Questions

Yes, progeCAD licenses are perpetual licenses thus it is permanent to use forever with the following provisions:-

01. Ensure Ms.WIndows Operating System is supported (If you continue to use the supported Ms.Windows OS, progeCAD still runs as normal).
02. You decide to upgrade to future edition releases for it's new features and functions.

As stated in progeCAD license argeement, it is a perpetual license. Hence, no renewal fees or annual fees required. In another words, license is one time paid off. And progeCAD license DOES NO have an expiry date.

Once the license sold and activated for the particular company or person, license belongs to that particular company or person. Licenses cannot be re-sold or be transfered to another party.

If you need further clarification regarding progeCAD license, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@progecad.com.my.

Request for Remote Support

We are able to perform remote support using Teamviewer application.

  1. Download Teamviewer application (click here to download).
  2. Email us for date and time arrangement for remote access to your computer.
  3. On the arranged date and time, RUN/EXECUTE the downloaded application.
  4. Forward us the login ID and password (as shown in application).
  5. Ensure your computer is online and DO NOT close the application while we try to connect.

Note: with the above, you have agreed to allow us access to your computer without limitation. And on closing the above application, no login is accessible anymore. To allow access again, new login ID and password is required.